Cedar West Studios Leeds

Cedar West Studios Leeds

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See more and enquire about services offered at www.cedarwest.studio.com where you will see more photos of the build, explanations of the design and meet the Man behind the idea the owner Matthew Humphrys.

This guy is the real deal, his depth of knowledge is second to none the principal Engineer/ producer at Cedar West

He has the experience and ability money cant buy and now a work space few can dream about.

I cant stress enough , this is no bedroom home office setup, this building has been built from the ground up with only one aim in mind Acoustic excellence with a considerable investment by the client, No expense spared. 

Some features include:

  • Specialist studio designer / architect build
  • Extra Thick walls
  • Sloping Ceilings & Walls/ Windows 
  • Bass Traps, Acoustic Panels 
  • Floating Floors 
  • Acoustically insulated 
  • Sound Dampening ventalation system 
  • Air Conditioning, Ambient Lighting, Heating 
  • Base traps tuning depths, Acoustic panel sizes , Wall Thickness, Window specs, Spaces all specifically designed for this building only
  • Seperate electrical circuits installed to handle clean & dirty traffic (Allowing no interference from electrical devices that would effect the studio recording equipment)

To sum up...

So much has gone into this build including the external, internal and outside areas, It is hard to see just exactly how much work has gone into this creation simply 100’s & 100’s of man hours.

Should you require Advice on a build or need your own Bass Traps or studio manufactured/ Any associated works carried out I would be happy to advise